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Cross Section Molar Tooth

The connection between the nerve on the inside of the tooth and the blood vessels of the surrounding bone and with the circulation in general is easily recognized.

Development of the Permanent Teeth

This illustration shows how the permanent teeth are developing in the jawbone and the complicated process of the eruption of the permanent teeth by pushing out and resorbing the primary teeth.


Consequences when losing a tooth

This illustration shows that when a tooth is removed the other teeth tend to drift towards the open space to fill the gap and so the dental arch collapse.. Spaces develop between teeth with resultant development of cavities and eventual loss of these teeth as well. Therefore it is important to have missing teeth replaced.


Dental Arches Exposed

The teeth are shown in their anatomical relationships. The number and size of the roots of each tooth are seen.

Light Blue - Dental Enamel
Orange - Dentin
Brown - Dental Pulp  (Nerve)


Deciduous and permanent teeth.

The number, size and shape of the deciduous and permanent teeth are illustrated.


Development of carious lesions (cavities) and pulp infections

Here we can see how a small cavity in a tooth can later develop into a huge problem.


Difficulties in Root Canal Therapy

The nerve of a tooth has additional small branches which in some instances cannot be accessed.This may lead to complications and difficulties in successful treatment of the root canal.

Endodontic treatment Methods  

Normal development and eruption schedule

This table shows how teeth start developing and a timetable of the eruption of permanent and deciduous teeth

Impacted permanent teeth and persisting deciduous teeth  
Resorbtion of deciduous teeth  
The consequences of permanent loss of deciduous teeth  
Gingival cap covering a mandibular third molar  

Healing of Alveolus

Abscess formation  
The Tempero mandibular joints  
The periodontal pocket  

Stages of tooth eruption ( Click on image to enlarge )

Bleeding test

Interdental haemorage (bleeding of the gums)is the first clinical symptoms of inflamation.This is an early warining thast something is wrong and that you should visit your dentist.

  • Buccal Errosion due to incorrect brushing
  • Development of a filling
  • Effect of parafuntion on structures suporting teeth
  • Lower  partial Dentures
  • Partial denture
  • Plaque
  • Trigeminal nerve


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